The Heisei Repair of Zenkoji Sanmon
Zenkoji Sanmon made thorough repairs ,designated as Nationally Important Cultural Property


I. About Sanmon
The Sanmon was set up in Kanen3 (1750) cost 3,788-Ryou when it was after the 43 years to main hall erected.
It is with a width of 20.398 meters, a height of 20.448 meters and a depth of 7.999 meters. The roof of its has an area of 883.972 square meters.

It is a stately double-gate which has five-column spacing , three-areaway and the two-storey roofed with the HIWADA and designated as a Nationally Important Cultural Property at October 1965(certificate No.1596).

On the second pavilion, there are the Manjusri who generates the wisdom at the center, on every his side, the four heavenly kings who bring good luck, the mural which shows white lotus and the fan light formed an image of Kishoutennyo, to give expression to the world of Buddha.

The nameplate "Zenkoji" known for HATOJI (pigeon logo ) was written by Rinnouji-Monseki-KoujunShinnou and run up in Tempo 3 (1830).

From the galleria, it is the spectacular scenery to keep a close eye on the development of Nagano.

* It is used to be that the galleria was accessed at New Year's and equinoctial week before the series of earthquakes of Matsushiro in Showa 40 (1965).
It's in our thoughts to reopen the galleria after completing repairs.

II.The history of the repair of the Sanmon
In the ordinary , it was fixed in conjunction with the repair of the main hall. At first , it had a shingle-roof. Then , as the main hall was roofed with the HIWADA , the roof of the Sanmon has been made with the HIWADA since Dec.1921 (Taishou10). The axial reinforcement was gerry-rigged after the series of earthquakes of Matsushiro in Showa 40 (1965).

In Showa 48 (1973) , It was re-loafed with HIWADA and put the lightning rod. The stone-stairway and the paving tone was mended in Showa 58 (1983) .

However it stood out the cumulative degradation , to tilt pillars and to deform the axial . And the HIWADA-roof also needed to repair in near future. So the Zenkoji suggested to do the first-time thorough repairs to obtain the permission of the Cultural Affairs Agency , the prefecture and the city of NAGANO after the Heisei9-Okaicyo(1997).

Now It has been undergone with great cordiality to explore the damage completely.

III. The outline of the repair of the Sanmon
(1) Re-tile a roof and extensive repairs.
Mend fixtures , ceiling painting and mural.
Placement of fire-prevention equipment.
(2) Construction period
Oct 1. 2002 - Dec 31.2007(for 63months)
(3) Total project cost
( trancelated by Hiroaki Wakaomi )
broken down of the top roof

broken donw of "Mine"

the damege of "Hiwada"